Workshops and Tours

After years of research and scouting, Foxglade Photography is excited to be able to offer photography tours and workshops to a few of my most beloved places. 

What is the difference between a workshop and a tour, you ask?  A workshop is an educational experience to help you improve your photography skills.  It is designed to help you better understand your camera and how to effectively capture images with proper settings and technique.  We may also spend time reviewing images and working on post-processing outside of the field.  A photo tour is designed to maximize your photographic opportunities by placing you in the right place and the right time with minimal or casual instruction.  A workshop is a great way to prepare for a photo tour and increase your chances of success during a photo tour.

I am also available for private workshops in the Louisville/Lexington area.  This is a great opportunity if you have received a new camera, are stuck on Auto Mode, or just want to work on composition and settings.  Email me at [email protected] for more details.


Spring Smokies Workshop


Sparks Lane at Daybreak - GSMNPSparks Lane at Daybreak - GSMNP