Cancellation Policy

Foxglade Photography makes every effort to serve our customers better.

 If a reservation has to be cancelled, customers will be charged a fee depending on how far from the departure date the cancellation takes place.

 If you cancel more than 60 days ahead of time you will be given a full refund minus your deposit.

There can be no refunds if you cancel less than 60 days out.

You may consider purchasing trip insurance to protect your investment in case of an unforeseen emergency or situation that requires you to cancel.

While this can be difficult to hear it is a necessity.  Each photo workshop and tour requires massive amounts of work and expense – much of which occurs long before the beginning date.  In addition it’s nearly impossible to fill your vacated spot in 60 days.

One exception:  Each trip requires a minimum number of participants.  If this number is not reached, you will be notified within 30 days prior of the scheduled start date and a full refund will be issued.  The Great Smoky Mountain workshops require a minimum of four workshop clients.  The Costa Rica tour requires a minimum of six clients.